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Music in in my soul and my bones. I think I was born singing! It's always been my biggest passion.


At school, I learnt to play the recorder, and I loved it! I also had a little blue keyboard and a fantastic book with wonderful illustrations called The Music people (I still have this book and use it in my lessons). I used the book to start teaching myself to play the little keyboard, and learn about music.  In high school, I learnt to play the oboe, and reached my Grade 8. I pretty much taught myself to play piano by the time I reached my teens, just by jamming chords, experimenting with writing songs, playing in school bands, etc... I could read music already so I just kind of "got it!" It wasn't until I was in my early twenties that I started having "proper" lessons. I then took my piano exams, and singing exams too.


I can play ukulele and guitar (self taught of course) and I sing regularly with By The Tower acoustic duo, and as a solo performer. I also run a ladies choir, Songbirds in Harmony, plus recently a new duo called PsychoBoho! So I'm a pretty busy musician!


I get so much enjoyment from teaching people to play piano or sing. Watching people become more and more interested in music, seeing their confidence grow, and the enjoyment they get when they can play or sing a piece is just great. I do encourage students to take exams too, but learning can also be just for fun.